Schenk SA


Schenk SA - As de cœur - Bottle
Schenk is Switzerland's leader in the wine sector. The company combines diverse activities such as grape crushing, winemaking, bottling and packaging, storing, importing, marketing and distributing.

Built in 1915 by Arnold Schenk to sustain the expansion of his wine trade activity, it was among the first large and modern wineries. A wide range of Swiss and foreign products plus its own grape juice brand Grapillon. Main clients are wholesalers and retailers. Core brands distributed are Château de Châtagneréaz, Domaine du Martheray, Château Maison Blanche, Château d’Allaman, Cave St-Pierre, Cave St Georges, Murviedro, Bacio della Luna, Arthur Barolet, Château d’Aigueville, As de Coeur.

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