Since its creation in 1893, the Schenk Group has remained family-owned. Having become a major player in European viticulture, it is with particular care and attention that we have expanded our collection of Domaines and Brands over the years. Our wine portfolio is now as wide and diverse as our international presence.

From the iconic Aigle les Murailles and Testuz vineyards in Switzerland, or Burgundian jewel Henri de Villamont in France to the iconic Casa La Alto in Spain, or Masso Antico in Southern Italy, the Schenk Family has become the driving force behind some truly iconic wineries and estates across Europe.

Our strong family values are reflected in our wines and brands: excellence, authenticity and respect for the land. These values are also represented by our distribution subsidiaries supplying our wines all around the world to increasingly discerning consumers expecting excellent quality, value and respect for the environment.

We take great care of our terroirs, with more than 95% of our own vineyards under organic farming or in conversion. This commitment to sustainable development is also reflected in the monitoring of our carbon footprint, with particular attention to our containers and their transport. We also pay particular care to social responsibility initiatives to enhance the wellbeing of all our colleagues.

These values are paramount to all our employees who represent an exceptional community of complementary talents. Our internal training programs “Schenk Excellence” aim to make individual experiences a collective asset. Moreover, the “Family” spirit is at the centre of our recruitment programme “Schenk Young Talents” to ensure we remain relevant to young professionals in our industry.

The Schenk Family has chosen to invest in the future with a long-term vision as a commitment to future generations. Ensuring its sustainability while respecting the values that we have cherished for 130 years, shows that “lasting” is more important than “existing”: it is respecting our history with our choices whilst meeting the challenges of our time.