• Family commitment
    We are keen to maintain the ties to our family values  in our core professions of wine producer and negociant whilst ensuring a sustainable growth.
    We are socially responsible and we build our growth first and foremost on the trust we place in our colleagues and business partners.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit and innovation
    We develop  high quality products and services  which our customers identify with and are passionate about.
    We are open minded and encourage innovation
    We keep ahead of trends and we constantly develop our skills and knowledge
  • Excellence
    We are passionate and are keen to over deliver to offer the best to our customers.
    We are demanding and pay great attention to detail to achieve the highest possible standards.


  • Since 1893, the Schenk Group which is a family business based in Switzerland with an international reach, has been producing and selling a wide range of wines with great respect in nature and the environment.
  • Thanks to its very own estates and cellars located in the best regions of Switzerland, France, Italy and Spain, and a network of other producers worldwide, the Schenk Group offers high quality products and services to its customers.


  • The Schenk Group will reinforce its position as a European leader in branded wines thanks to tight controls over
    – The entire wine production supply chain.
    – Winemaking techniques.
    – And wine distribution.
Schenk Wine nos valeurs Azienda Lunadoro
The Azienda Lunadoro, purchased in 2016 by the Schenk Group, is located in Tuscany, Valiano, near the famous town of Montepulciano.