Schenk Holding - History - The Founders

1893The founders

In the very beginning, there was Charles Schenk, a cooper who notably built this mythical wooden cask of 23.500 liters for the national exposition of 1896 in Geneva. The famous cask still exists and is in excellent condition.
Then came his son, Arnold, a wine merchant whose vision and dynamism will lead the first Schenk company in Rolle to expand quickly and to acquire wineries and estates across Europe.

Schenk Holding - History - Sète


During the World War One, the first subsidiary abroad was founded in Sète, in the South of France.

Schenk Holding - History - The first Estates

1919The first estates

Impelled by a strong desire to become a vineyard owner, Arnold started to acquire several estates in various regions of Switzerland. All of these estates are presented on this website and are nowadays still in the hands of the family.

Schenk Holding - History - Spain


Extension towards Spain and foundation of Bodegas Schenk SA, now Bodegas MURVIEDRO in Utiel-Requena.

1933French Algeria

Growing demand from France and other international markets incited the Group to establish a branch in Algeria with 1.000 hectares of vineyards.

Schenk Holding - History - Grapillon

1944Grapillon, c’est si bon !

The first branded grape juice Grapillon, was launched by Schenk as early as 1944. Since 1949 Grapillon started to be exported towards various countries all over the world.

Schenk Holding - History - Italy


The expansion of the group is directed towards Italy with the creation in 1952 of Schenk Italia S.p.A..

Schenk Holding - History - Obrist


Founded in 1854 in Vevey, this company was acquired by the Schenk group in 1961.

Schenk Holding - History - France


In 1964 the Schenk family acquires the beautiful Estate of Henri de Villamont in the Burgundy.

Schenk Holding - History - Germany


Foundation of Schenk GmbH in 1964, today one of the leading German importers.

Schenk Holding - History - Bordeaux


Founded in 1840, this Bordeaux based company was acquired in 1972. Veyret Latour has become a leading worldwide distributor for Bordeaux Grands Crus Classés.

Schenk Holding - History - Benelux


In order to extend the distribution of our wines to the Benelux countries, Schenk NV-SA was founded in 1978 in Brussels.

Schenk Holding - History - United Kingdom

1994United Kingdom

In 1994, the Schenk group takes a participation in the London based company Buckingham Vintners. Some years later Schenk becomes the sole owner of the company.

Schenk Holding - History - Bolle


Founded in 1865, Schenk acquires Bolle in 1995. The company has 40 hectares of vineyards distributed in various estates and works exclusively with the on-trade and direct sales segments.

Schenk Holding - History - Badoux Vins

2008Badoux Vins

Through its' subsidiary Obrist, the Schenk group takes a major share in Badoux, a hundred-year-old Swiss winery, famous for its' main product "Aigle les Murailles".

Schenk Holding - History - Castello di Querceto

2009Castello di Querceto

Schenk takes a share in Castello di Querceto, a well known estate in Tuscany near Florence and Greve in Chianti.

Schenk Holding - History - New Estates

2010New estates

Château d’Aigueville, Cotes du Rhone Villages, a marvellous 100 hectares estate is purchased from a long time supplier.
Bodegas Hispano+Suizas : we become co-shareholder of this rising star in order to premiumize our Spanish porftolio.

Schenk Holding - History - Bacio Della Luna

2010Bacio della Luna

Acquisition of a winery named Bacio della Luna in the heart of the Prosecco DOCG appellation.


La Maison Obrist SA takes over the activities of Jean & Pierre Testuz SA in Treytorrens.


2016Azienda Lunadoro

Acquisition of the stunning Azienda Lunadoro in the DOCG Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

Finca Casa Lo Alto

2017Finca Casa Lo Alto

Acquisition of one of the most renowned Estates in the Utiel-Requena region; Finca Casa Lo Alto, founded in 1796.

2021Masso Antico

A thousand-year-old tradition and history of viticulture, revisited in a modern style. In 2021, the acquisition of the "Tenute Masso Antico" Estate allows us to offer a wide range of organic Puglia wines.